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Pinnacle Consulting Services

Golf Course Operations
Our team provides a thorough evaluation of current operations as well as follow-up analysis and recommendations. The analysis and recommendations include the following areas: overall agronomy, finance, marketing & public relations, food & beverage service, merchandise, and instruction.

Complete Financial Evaluation
Our team offers assistance and guidance with accounting, software systems, control & forecasting procedures, cost expense management, budgeting, reports, tax service, finance, and re-finance.

Asset Evaluation
Our team reviews the overall operation and competitive market conditions to prepare pro forma on how to operate and manage the facility. We also analyze and determine current and potential asset values.

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Course Renovation
A complete site analysis and evaluation is available. A detailed renovation plan is created which includes a timeline and completion pro forma.  Budget categories include mobilization, erosion control, clear and grub, dirt work, shaping, lake/pond construction, storm water management, drainage, irrigation, green construction, bunkers, tees, bridges and cart paths, planting, grow-in and buildings.

Marketing & Public Relations
The following marketing and public relations tools are available: membership enhancing, positioning, program planning, promotions, public relations, market analysis, media schedules, group packaging and group travel, contracts, and detailed timelines.

Food & Beverage Service
We offer complete departmental evaluations including staffing & training, menus, purchasing, inventory control and costing, accounting, and marketing programs.

Our team has extensive experience in the areas of costing, inventory controls, receiving checklist, shop flow, purchasing structure, programs, and vendor lists.

Human Resources
We can provide a full review and recommendations on hiring guidelines, training and review, insurance plans, staff motivation and development, benefit plans and structure, and employee guidelines.

Asset Management Services
Our team of industry professionals have a proven track record for stabilizing and protecting golf course assets. As many creditors are facing major decisions regarding golf assets, our company is well positioned to assist lenders in analyzing your asset, drafting a plan of action, and implementing successful resolution strategies through this difficult process.

Short Term Crisis Management and Stabilization
Our team is experienced with a proven track record to implement immediate controls on cash, labor, and inventory management. We initiate a strategic program to protect the operation from ongoing business depletion including short-term marketing strategies. We emphasize controlling the operation through expense management and tight operating controls. Asset protection and stabilization are our primary focus under these types of short-term guidelines.

Our mission is to produce a superb product that members and guests will enjoy. As part of this mission, we provide outstanding personalized customer service at every interaction. We demonstrate a sincere sense of urgency to each member and guest. Our work is conducted with the utmost integrity and attention to detail. In order for our success formula to be effective, there are specific parameters and business objectives necessary to define the long-term strategy for both our company and the facilities we are engaged to operate.  Our services are only offered to non-competing properties within a select demographic market.