The Pinnacle Formula – Eight Steps to Success:
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The Pinnacle Formula – Eight Steps to Success:

The Pinnacle Formula – Eight Steps to Success:

When the Pinnacle Team is engaged there are specific steps we perform to chart the positive path for each facility.  These steps are summarized below.


  1. Goals and Objectives Our focus with each client is to develop a true understanding of the specific goals and objectives for each facility. Our Executive Team is initially engaged to spend time with key representatives from the facility including Board of Directors, owners and employees. During this phase, we ask specific questions and listen carefully. This information is carefully analyzed and combined with our extensive knowledge base in all aspects of club operations. Not only is it important for the property to establish a solid direction for the future, it is imperative to match those plans with the economic profile of the community, the desires of the members/customers and the overall potential of the facility.


  1. Internal Evaluation Once we identify and understand the scope of the project, we begin with a detailed assessment and evaluation for each area of the operation.  This includes reviews of operating procedures as well as communication with key managerial staff. Our evaluation utilizes the years of experience from our Executive Team to assemble the property’s information and measure the business guidelines against Pinnacle Golf Properties’ proven formula for success.


  1. Summarize Findings A detailed summary of current operating standards is compiled along with our recommendations for changes/improvements to maximize the efficiency of each department.


  1. Design Plan Following the analysis phase of the transition, a detailed plan is created based on specific standards and operating procedures custom designed for each individual facility. This roadmap is clear, concise and measurable.


  1. Implement and Execute Following development of a customized plan specific to the needs of the facility, it is then implemented via the Executive Team. Our group works closely with each facility to ensure each area of the transition plan is executed accurately and consistently. These include facility audits, training, professional development and business forecasting.


  1. Evaluate and Measure With each facility, our team evaluates and measures desired results based on a specific task and timeline criteria. The golf business offers ever-changing scenarios and it is imperative the business is monitored daily. The Pinnacle Advantage allows for this consistent oversight by our team of industry experts.


  1. Modify and Monitor Based on specific criteria of evaluation, each facility is reviewed within a structured guideline based on all necessary aspects of the plan. Facility goals are measured daily, monthly, quarterly and annually. We monitor progress and adjust current operating plans to changing market conditions. During this phase, any modifications or changes required will be implemented and adjusted within the day-to-day operations as well as the master plan of the facility.


  1. Pinnacle PEAK Performance All employees are fully trained under our proprietary PEAK Performance Training Program.  Specifically designed for our operating structure, this program focuses on traits and requirements for our people. The foundation for PEAK Performance is built from four strategic traits:

(P) rofessional  

(E) thical  

(A) ppreciative  

(K) knowledgeable


  1. For all PGP facilities, our mission is to produce a superb product members and guests will enjoy. As part of this mission, we provide outstanding personalized customer service at every interaction. We demonstrate a sincere sense of urgency to each member and guest. PGP work is conducted with the utmost integrity and attention to detail.In order for our success formula to be effective, there are specific parameters and business objectives necessary to define the long-term strategy for both our company and the facilities we are engaged to operate.  Our services are only offered to non-competing properties within a select demographic market.