The Pinnacle Advantage
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The Pinnacle Advantage

The Pinnacle Advantage

Pinnacle Golf Properties offers complete turnkey management services encompassing every area and department within a facility. Our mission is to provide members and guests with a memorable and pleasant golfing experience at the highest level.  We focus on quality and service while maintaining a perfect balance with the financial and operational goals of the property.


Every golf facility is individually unique and requires an in-depth evaluation to understand its personality and dynamics. This is essential to structure realistic, meaningful, and achievable goals and objectives. Our focus is to develop and execute a sound business plan to optimize the facility’s financial performance and increase its overall value based on these objectives.


Our unique blend of 175+ years of collective ownership and management experience at private, resort and upscale daily-fee facilities affords our team an extraordinary level of insight into course operations. Combined, we have led or directed over 90 courses nationwide. Our resources are vast and our strict devotion to the preservation of quality and integrity has created a reputation we proudly stand by.


Our Difference – Given the competitive nature of today’s golf environment, it is essential the highest levels of quality and efficiency be maintained at all times. In addition, our company engages a true entrepreneurial approach and takes seriously our role as a partner with the ownership group and/or Board of Governors of each property.


Our philosophy is simple: Upon becoming engaged for management services, we look to build a true win-win relationship and take full ownership for a successful operation. This means our management team provides the necessary direction and attention to detail to ensure the facility’s overall goals are met or exceeded. These targets are based on extensive communication with the ownership group, members and guests of the facility. We hire and train a team of dedicated associates to implement the day-to-day plan and to protect facility assets. Our Executive Team provides the necessary training and information from years of collective experience for each property. This assures quality results and provides the necessary direction and tools for everyone’s success.


In Business for the Business of Golf